USMLE-Rx Step 1 Qmax Challenge #4140

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USMLE-Rx Step 1 Qmax Challenge #4140A 29-year-old woman with a history of panic disorder presents to the emergency department with severe shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations, nausea, and diaphoresis.

Which point on the nomogram shown in the image best represents her acid-base status?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
F. F


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5 thoughts on “USMLE-Rx Step 1 Qmax Challenge #4140”

  1. B
    The pt is in tachypnea meaning high HCO and pH of blood above 7.34, at the same ti.e pCO2 must be low, since pt is blowing it out.
    Definately B.

  2. umernawazkhan

    Tachypnea causing decreased carbon dioxide,in result leading to decreased Ph causing respiratory alkalosis. so BBB

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