Introducing Rx360+

5 ways to study neurology


We’ve shaken things up around here.

Every student deserves to have the right tools and quality content that will help them succeed in med school and on the boards. That’s why we’ve made exciting changes to help med students get what they need, with an eye toward real value.

Rx360 Now Comes with Rx Bricks!

Rx360 is now Rx360+ and the plus means we’ve added Rx Bricks! When you subscribe to Rx360+, you’ll get the full Rx360 suite PLUS the complete Rx Bricks library that covers the foundations of medicine in short, easy-to-understand, interactive lessons. Rx Bricks will help you learn exactly what you need to know to master med school.

Combine that with the three powerful components that have always been part of Rx360 — Step 1 Qmax, Flash Facts (with Study Stream), and Express Videos — and this is truly the total package for med school mastery.

On top of that, we’re offering special pricing right now on our most popular USMLE-Rx tools.

While everything around you may sometimes feel out of control, you can still own your path to success and reach your goals. Take a look at the new Rx360+ and make sure you’re ready for med school and the boards.



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